World Development Movement – AGM Poem

I was commissioned to write this poem in my role as Poet in Residence at World Development Movement, it’s based on the Annual Review and was performed at the begining of the AGM June 2012

This home has seven billion people

And we all eat from the same table

But some of us get a larger ladle

While most toil, work the soil

Companies inflate prices with oil

Some work for solidarity

Have no time for charity

Want justice and food Sovereignty

We must give a grant not a loan

A small way for the UK to atone

As one of the biggest carbon eaters

As campaigners, we challenge structures

Imposed by the west on the rest

That prevent self determination

So we highlight food speculation

On Channel 4, BBC and US TV.

Malagasy tar sands campaigner, Holly

And WDM take on the tar sands lobby

Forcing Total out of her community

With grassroots action and democracy

Developing countries bullied, bribed

By UN summits that try to hide

The World Bank giving aid money

To fund Walmart’s green electricity

We show The Real George Osborne

Close the inbox of the EU commission

Bombarding it with emails of derision

Show how banks bet on hunger

When the public is their chief funder

Fighting the climate loan shark

Power to the people lights the dark

For forty years we’ve fought fearlessly

To tackle the root causes of poverty

We need more than Bill Gates’ charity

With WDM we are one family.


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