Whose Games?

Its two miles as the crow flies

But I ride four wide

Due to the Olympic bubble

Plonked in the middle

And I’m thinking, John Lewis,

Will ye let me through this?

All this building mess

So Stratford gets an M&S

Wetland marshes become marches

Football pitches become clear ways

Keep open a canal tow path?

You must be having a laugh

Triathlons with a Big Mac

Have a happy heart attack.

Enjoy, Drink, Think Coke-a-cola

Sure of course they don’t own ya

Taxpayer’s money for capital builds

And whose name’s on the fields?

Every dirty multi-national

All brought to you by visa

Don’t tell me it’s for world peace

Sure what did it do for Greece?

It’s a totalitarian regime

Giving Stratford a clean

A dictator’s wet dream

No one can criticize

As the budgets rise

Contracts to be dished up

Media all hushed up

An Olympic stadium

Is a public distraction

To stop us sussing the system

Give us bread and roses

Give us sexy poses

Give us brand new noses

But we don’t get peace

To cross the land we lease

From our ancestors before us

Corporations don’t own us


2 Responses to Whose Games?

  1. Ian says:

    I’ve never ever been interested in Poetry. the first one I read was one of your poems. and I try to keep up on twitter and your poems match my humour which got me wondering did any poets influence you and if so who were they?

    • catbrogan says:

      thanks so much for your lovely message! i’m so honoured that I got you reading poetry, my influences are W.B. Yeats, Alfred Lord Tennyson, W F Marshall, and musicians, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, Jackoson Browne. Contemporary performance poetry influences are, Jean Binta Breeze, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Kate Tempest, Sabrina Mahfouz, Hollie McNish, Zena Edwards. You’ve inspired me to do a blog post on my influences, watch this space for links to my favourite things

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