WDM – Conference Echos

This is a ‘feedback’ poem written during the WDM People Vs the Banks activist conference based on the event, I performed it at the end of the conference.

People get cuts, banks get welfare,

When they don’t pay their tax share

The sons of bankers Cameron and Clegg

Infect with world with a banking plague

We each pay, £17K, to save the bankers day

The story we’re told is that the Euro

Wobbled cause Greeks drank too much Uzo

But we know, it’s the banking casino

We need to get them under control

And stop using our money to plug their hole

We need to stop the sell off

Tell the land grabbers to get off!

We try and campaign creatively

Finding ways to disarm the gallery

Making loan sharks out of papier mache

Unmasking the financial sector lobbyists

Arming ourselves to be better activists

We see a vision of a different world

We find the inspiration to hurl

Another petition at the EU commission

Chile takes on Neo-liberationism

Asks questions of the Americans

Who say bases tackle terrorism

When we know the School of Americas

Gave it’s neighbours, it’s worst dictators.

Triodos Bank sees our positive aggression

With which we tackle global oppression

Housmans’s booksellers since 1945

Keeping radical reading alive

We’re organised for social change

Radical and the right kind of strange

How to bring people into the fold

Bringing together young and old

How to tackle banks and debt

Financial justice? Not nearly there yet

Learn from US allies win on legislation

Beating banks on food speculation

We can’t trust the media

They have a business agenda

So we develop networks

To get the word out on the jerks

And get across what works

Co-ops are about democracy

Responsibility, equality and solidarity

From Barcelona FC to the Bangladeshi community

We learn how to be part of one family

We need to win over hearts and minds

Challenge structures, find new kinds

Of ways to make the world we want to see

Not just a dream but a reality.


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