I was asked to write this by Coventry Peace house for their album waiting in the Q to highlight the plight of asylum seekers, lets hope they like it! 

How many Irish drowned

Digging the London Underground

Taking track beneath the sea

And still people said they shouldn’t be

Leaving their own country

But what prospect

Could they expect

Beyond starvation


Its leave and think

Or stay and drink

Being born British is blessed

You know we’d fail the test

That the foreigners take

To get in on our cake

And Britain went around the world

The British flag was unfurled

And everyone was told

British law they must uphold

There’s 6 million in Ireland’s island

10s of millions with passorts

Over 80 million claim Irish of sorts

How many Brits in Spain?

How many can’t stand the rain

Went off to Australia

Bought brides from Asia

Yet we want one way traffic

Think Britain’s demographic

Should remain static

While Britains go globetrotting

Companies go plotting

The next foreign venture

Without fear of censure

Where would we be

Without a curry

Getting a Chinese in a hurry

How about English tea?

Don’t mind it’s cross border company

Britain starts the war

Then wonders why people pour

Towards our safe harbour

And find a closed door

But how do we say who’s legit

When we’re all a bit immigrant


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