The Rich are Squatting

We all want justice

But are squatters the worst amongst us?

Who’s had a bike nicked?

Who’s been randomly kicked?

Who’s had an unfair fine?

Didn’t realise there was a line?

They’re dictating our lives,

With building control hives

So we keep contributing

While the rich are tax evading

Who got ripped of buying their house?

Who got screwed by their landlord?

Who got paid late?

Who got laid off?

Who saw their savings interest shrink?

Who can’t afford to save

Who tried really hard to get along

In this system,

To find out it actually stinks?

And I’m just living

In some rich buggers building

So I have time to write my poems

The rent saved means I can give my friends’ loans

When did your bank last decline you?

When did you last feel secure?

Create your own security

By using what’s left empty

I’m not a criminal

I’m just eating off the side

I don’t wanna be rich cause someone died

I eat from the Waitrose bin

So I’m fit for reciting

Cause who can afford food in the shops

And with all these crimes and hardships

The greatest recession in years

The conservatives have us shedding tears

Over a minority of people,

Who want to live in the capital,

But don’t have a relative’s settee

The media’s got you angry

Saying squatters devalue your home

When it’s cause the Banks won’t loan.

We’re cleaning out the cobwebs

We’re brushing up neglect

We’re loosening the noose

From round our neck

1% of the population owns 70 % of the land

And Tories think squatting should be banned?

The Church is squatting

The Queen is squatting

The rich are squatting

I’m just living

In some rich boy’s building


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