Reasons I love the Credit Crunch

I like the version filmed at an event at my squat 3 years ago

Here’s what I looked like 3 years ago, made by Michelle Tierney

I just find it more fun                                                                                                 To be really tight,
Decide what I like,
By how cheap it is,
I like cheap thrills,
I’ve always been no frills,
And now everyone is,
And its cool to be a miser,
Its deemed much wiser,
And now we swop tips
On how to mend zips.

No. 2
Redundancy can be cool,
Gets you out of a hole,
Straight on to the dole,
And you can reassess,
What you do best,
What makes you feel blessed.
Instead of stuck,
In that shit job rut.
That’s too good to leave,
But too crap to like,
Think of all the extra time for your bike.
And it’s not even your fault,
Practically every adult,
Could become unemployed,
So be overjoyed,
That it’s totally accepted,
Parents won’t question it.

No. 3
Everything is actually cheaper,
Yet here’s the sweetener,
Fantastically, we live simply,
So that others can simply live,
Find a way to sieve,
The dust from the gold,
Treasure what is old,
Reuse and use again,
Make do and mend.

No. 4
I live in a squat,
And the water’s not hot,
Yet it’s deemed very prudent
Though I’m not a student.
It’s allowed,
Even while employed.
For me, a permanent contract,
Seems further than the sack,
Its like Santa Claus,
It seemed there were laws
That guaranteed he existed
When really the grownups just fixed it,
To make us be brave,
Help us behave,
A stability incentive
to stop us being inventive.
So let’s embrace instability,
In its ubiquity.


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