London Snail

Mummy she’s awfully sweet,

Says don’t smoke, brush your teeth

I carry around the trinkets

Artefacts and linkages

The half read books from times

The half remembered words, rhymes

It’s just all illusions in 3D

No guide for living simply

Live,  without money

Can we? Well nearly

The way of Zen or Christianity

Well, whats  the real difference?

We need post oil resilance

A way to catalogue, find

A new frame of mind.


I am a london snail

No home for a paper trail

I slug my spilling sack

And all that tat on my back


Bag it up, fill a box

Bin your mouldy dread locks

Your ex’s holy socks

From that special time

Their hand held mine

Cause, It’s, just, too, much, stuff

My shoulders are not strong enough


Let’s all travel lightly

Let’s love eachother freely

Without past reciepts

The weight of old defeats

Internalise the memories,

Dump the picture of fearies

Cause I’m a London snail

No home for a paper trail


Balham, Clapham,

Mile End, Dalston

Well St, Earl St,

Limehouse, Charterhouse

Barbican, Camden


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