J Passmore Edwards

This is about Limehouse Library the abandoned building I lust after

J Passmore Edwards,

A Cornwall native went Eastwards,

Son of a carpenter

Became a reporter

Newspaper owner,

Magazine publicist

And Anti Boer war pacifist.

Believed church failed to fulfil bodily needs

Made buildings to sow seeds

Of community between the classes

With adult education services

Schools, hospitals

Libraries, fountains

He built buildings worth preserving

Those on high though him deserving

Of the title sir

But like Benjamin Zeffeniah

He rejected the offer.

Became an MP as an independent

But found politics intransigent

Unable to deliver transformation

Of the Victorian social order

He built a library in Limehouse

Ten years out of use

If you put your nose up to the keyhole

You can smell the books


One Response to J Passmore Edwards

  1. salmonshark says:

    Alfred Hitchcock visited this library as a youth!

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