Refelctions on this time I appeared on Daybreak

Why should I wear shoes if I don’t want to?

Who gives a fuck I’ve got no bra

And they make me wear mascara

To shove a camera in my face

Make me say it’s a disgrace

Some rich dude’s got squatters in his place

They didn’t take the money

They said sorry

Backstage staff on day break laugh

The squatters cleaned the gaff

But that doesn’t really matter

Cause he’s a fucking doctor

And his wife’s about to pop

We housed a three week old baby in our squat

No flat in St John’s Wood

Their boat sunk for good

How many pregnant mothers

Have repossession orders

But that’s not a Standard story

Press is for the rich’s fury,

Make it good and gory

Give us blood and death

Show us mummy all bereft

Make the home owners worry

So they don’t realise they’re lucky

Somali squatters

Shoot their owners


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