From the people who brought you The Famine, salmon

Guinness! Taking the piss,

A good golf shot

We brought you the Boycott

‘You’re grandad’s farm was squatted’

My mum wants me reminded

My other granddad lost the home

He couldn’t get a bank loan

Had to borrow from a Catholic MP

Who recalled it suddenly

As a means of acquiring property

There’s a powerful lesson in history

Of how to win rights peaceably

In 1880’s Ireland

0.2% owned all of the land

Most where absentee landlords

Unconcerned with the hordes,

Hired a land agent to get rent

From the poor tenant

One agent, called Boycott

Saw his harvest nearly rot

Cause the peasants united

As a group intimidated

His workers into desisting

From picking, herding, washing

Delivering, cleaning, blacksmithing,

Selling, associating,

They called it boycotting

My dad boycotted The Times

He’d never cross picket lines

Gladstone spent 10,000 pound

To get from the ground,

Boycott’s spuds, worth 500 pound.

Boycotting set people free,

And Boycott had to flee.

A government minister,

William Edward Forster

Increased the disaster

Another Coercion bill

To make the boycott illegal

So Parnell invented Filibustering

To delay the bill passing

41 hours of continuous speaking

Resulted in the first check to debating

In that house of oxymoron’s

We call the commons

I was there the other week

The Conservatives want to sneak

Past us, a ban against trespass

Anti squatting is a pre-tense

To remove rights in the Magna Carta

The 11th Century people’s charter.

The land as common treasure

Was developed by the Digger

The maintainers of the wasteland

The squatters need to stand

The lawyers, the gentry,

The taxes, the clergy

Are used to frighten ye’

But Ireland got the Land Reform Act

Saying the ownership of land in fact

Was held by landlords and tenants

A judge was found to fixed fair rents.

English got palmed off with parks

When they got too excited by Marx


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