are you going for the riot?

There attacking shops
Overwhelming cops
the rich steal quietly
the poor do it loudly
the poor break doors
the rich keep whores
poor see riot fires dance
rich see august in france
near my squat in hackney
one eleven year old on holiday
the other grounded
by police hounded
this is his vacation
releasing aggression
on the doors at debhams
while his rich white neighbour
gets quad bikes and lazer quazer
i remember i was eleven
‘are ye going for rioting’
i recall my mate asking
but i didnt dare to go
im far too middle class you know
it was set off by a murder
man killed his partner
cut her body into bits
and all the local kids
petrol bombed the murder house.
now lootings spread to the scouse
im wondering if the english yobs
lacking the chores and jobs
need to rediscover bonfires
my place has days for rioters


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