A Door of One’s Own

A door of one’s own

My permanent home

Is my mobile phone

8 years, same number

2 ½ as a squatter

8 homes in that time

How to live on the line

As good as my next rhyme

But now I want to disappear,

Get lost in a lover’s ear

Forget an audience of thousands

Give me nightly orgasms

Late morning arousals

Not early recitals

Give me coming slowly

Not gigs in a hurry

Or uncomfortable journey’s

On overnight ferrys

I wanna go grow veg

Never trim your hedge

I wanna forget my mobile

Be in the moment for a while

I want to write more poems

Listen to your moans

I can’t, I can’t help but stare

But I want, I want will get you nowhere

I want to lie and forget life

Transcend words like wife

Forget about my brand and image

And try and find the courage

To step away from the internet

Put down my spliffs

And put my hands where you can feel them


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