The Squatters (Turn the World Upside Down)

A re-write of The World Turned Upside Down by Gerrard Winstanley,

Here’s Billy Bragg with the original lyrics

The Squatters (Turn the World upside down)

In 2011

Tories threatened a bill

A ragged band they called the Squatters

Must get on the treadmill

Squats defy the landlords

Squats defy the laws

Squats house the dispossessed

Reclaiming what was theirs

They squat in peace, they said

To fix and clean

We come to work the land in common

And we make the waste land green

This earth divided

We will make whole

So it can be

A common treasury for all.

The sin of property

We do disdain

No one has any right to buy and sell

The earth for private gain

By theft and murder

Rich took the land

Now Tories outlaw trespass

To see squatting banned

They make the laws

To chain us well

The shops dazzle us with more stuff

Always on the sell

We will not worship

The gods they serve

The system feeds the rich

While poor must starve

We work together

We need no knives

We will not bow to bosses

Or pay rent all our lives

We all are free

Though we are poor

You workers all stand up with fury

Stand up now

From the men of property

The orders came

They sent the bailiffs, police officers

To wipe out the Squatters’ claim

They board up windows

Destroy the pipes

The squats evicted –

They take the squatter’s rights

You poor take courage

You rich take care

The earth was made a common treasury

For everyone to share

All things in common

All people one

We come in peace

The order came to tear squats down


One Response to The Squatters (Turn the World Upside Down)

  1. FuriousG says:

    400 years of resistance!

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