Shan’s Poem

My mate from Pakistan goes back to the homeland
But its house arrest for Shan
Grandparents home by US Embassy,
We’re supposed to go someday
Its years since that was a possibility
And we have this game together
About whose country is better
At topping the news bulletin
Reporting who’s had a bullet in
Invariably it’s mine
But there’s no danger when I dine
At my Northern Irish family home,
Nip back when I hear mum moan
Its years since Shan’s gone
Hard to leave for so long
And not visit the North
The mountain ranges, desolate places,
Explosive changes
And it’s always been this way
And mine’s gets better, hers gets worst
And the procession behind the hearse,
Commits the dead to verseAnd Jihad video.
And continues to sowIn the fertile minds
Of martyrs friendsThat they must seek revenge.
And I know Shan’s scared
What with all the news we’ve heard
And we’re both exiles in London
And our countries are long gone
Cause what is there to do
Between me and you
To make our countries better
Cause life is for living and here its free
And on our head let it be
My grandfather was a sheep farmer
Shopkeeper, bread man, father of ten
Shan’s was the grandfather of the judiciary
Very different menHe’s got his name in history
Shan’s got surnames on street signs
My granddad has zero google finds
Shan’s great-granddad was the first chief justice
And what will become of usWhat is our responsibility
To our country’s history?
It’s messy when the enemy’s within
And you find yourself in publishing


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