Read The Sun

Here’s me reading it on soundcloud

Every so often read the sun,

So you know what’s being done

Children addicted to internet porn

Next page Olympic cycle champion

In her black pants and tight corset

On the loose, a murdering cyclist

A pervy paramedic groping tits

A kid in pain refused an ambulance

Revealed – Rhianna’ ranchy sex wants

Police email chaos helping paedos

There’s trouble from the Euros

Jordan’s with her third fiance

Is the front page splash today

And then page four and five

Will nine babies be born alive

There’s another pic of baby P

Who’s cheating on what celebrity

EU act like Roman Emperors

Living of the British workers

Only in the column from Clarkson

Is there any mention of Levenson

Comparing it to World of Sport

Making a mockery of the court

Saying no one’s been a victim

And no on need’s convicting

The Chinese eat their dogs

Please give to Help For Heroes

Quick panic over fuel fear

1969 the only year

Since world war two, no squaddy died

A solider tries terror suicide

Do you know that Call of Duty

Is actually good for you?

A supplement on Kate Middleton

International stories, one.

A bear shot in Colorado

Well that’s good to know

30 pages of sport and ads

Get your tits out for the lads

The story of a man with a pet duck

And Deirdre tells you how to fuck


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