Love Women

I run a monthly event called Incite for LGBT Camden Form at Alley Cat Bar, It’s the last Monday of the month, there’s excellent features, open mic and it’s free, kick off at 7.30pm, here’s May’s installment.

I don’t love women

Cause I hate all men

In fact I’ve loved them

I don’t think their scum

I can make them come

And them me, but only

When I climb on top

Picture a women – hot

On pelvis clamp clit

And then work for it

While they sit back, suck tit

Cause I’m just horny

Boys don’t ignore me

Women are my fantasy

But ellusive to me

Boys abusive to me

They only number three

I count that lucky

And dont blaim the gender

I count that lucky

And don’t blaim the gender

Always been a bender

Since I was eleven

Started mastrubating

Thinking of women

Loved Skunk Anasie

Friends took my fancy

Loved Tracy Chapman

Convinced he was a man

You can prefer apples

Without detesting pears

Just Fuck, who cares?

Who’s business? Not there’s

But now I say I’m gay

It’s easier that way

So the boys won’t play

So I can be true

No pussy makes me blue

But it’s a special cock

That makes my bed rock

When I’m at a low ebb,

Boys get in my bed

Women have jilted me

And they’re all crazy

I love men simply

Not sexually

I’m not been trendy

Its straight girls I envy

The gay life is lonely,

Especially when you’re girlie

But i’m out finally

Boys don’t hit on me.


One Response to Love Women

  1. Nils Bymouth says:

    ahhh that’s lovely…..

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