Lonliness in London

You can see me performing this at the monthly nght I host and programme, Speech Motion, last Tue of the month (not Dec)

I crawled into my mummy’s bed and started bawling

I could feel the depression calling

Four days here, four days there

Is that the cause of my despair?

But I’m a nomad gypsy

Well used in inconsistency

Perhaps I miss the intimacy

My mum’s hugs have intensity.

London lacks love,

As buildings rise above

The people are more aloof

Than the shards un-built roof

Its the loneliness among the millions

The ostentation of the buildings

I miss my mum’s hug

In the land of push and shove

Its three years since i’ve been in love.

You start to wonder,

Whats wrong with me

Men find me pretty,

Others have found love in this city.

You think, I must try harder

But there’s nought more depressing than gaydar

You scroll through columns of profile pictures

People’s personal scriptures

Depictions like, I’m easy going

Don’t like moaning,

Good sense of humour

I want something deeper

You send a message into the ether

And then they don’t even bother

To reply to your witty banter

Or they want a threesome

Then you find someone with some gumption

You send endless messages

Add on Facebook pages

Plan to meet, set a day

Think of a treat

Then they go silent,

Is there anything more violent

Than not even answering the phone

Nothing makes you feel more alone

Or you have some great dates

Start to tell you mates

Then they say, I’m depressed

Our lives are just too stressed

There hung up on their ex

And i’m left craving sex

They say, lets be friends

And there the courtship ends.

So you ask your friends to meddle,

Find someone on your level

But gay friends wont go gay dancing

And gay friends are off romancing

And i’m left masturbating

Thank fuck i’ve got my family

To help me keep sanity


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