Guy Fawkes

Some vintage material for the occasion

From Knaresborough Guy Fawkes
Took his gunpowder stocks
To parliament in London town
The king he tried to bring down
But daubed in by his mates
Found himself behind the gates
Of the tower of London
Where they tortured him
Hung at the gallow
To warn those that follow
The Catholic faith
Meant death would await
So we burn effigies
Among dead trees
Firewood, pop, fizzle,
Marshmallow drizzle
To replace Halloween
When Pagan ghosts were seen.
Guy Fawkes, it wasn’t his plot
The first patsy,
A bit like the Nazis,
Adolf Hitler
With his Reichstag fire
The false flag innovator
Helped him become a dictator
Guy Fawkes was set up
The subsequent cover up
Of propaganda, heresy, treachery,
Helped the English rally round
To the Church of England sound,
No more Catholic Pope,
Fawkes helped lose that yoke.


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