I was asked by the V&A Museum in London to write poems in response to exhibits for LGBT History Month 2012. I wrote these two pieces about the Greek myth of the rape of Ganymede.

The father of beautiful prince Ganymede

Was paid off by Zeus with horses, a steed

Zeus wanted the most beautiful of mortals

To serve, please and love the gods

Ganymede was granted youth, immortality

Too beautiful to be with the humans

He’s Aquarius in the constellations

This golden haired, muscular man boy

Zeus snatched him for his sex toy

As an eagle, Zeus found him on a hill

Entered Ganymede against his will

He became the ‘dear delight of Zeus’s bed’

Plato reckons the story was invented

To justify the slavery of pleasure

His reasoning for homosexual behaviour

Ganymede, the cup bearer

The gods’ bartender

But Juno wouldn’t have his necter

Wanted Zeus only for her

Lover’s swapped in constant coming choruses

That echoed around Mount Olympus

And this is a modern re-telling

King of the Drag Queens

Zeus, the King Drag Queen

Saw the hottest boy on the scene

Handsome, barely eighteen

Most beautiful of all the regulars

Ganymede had to be theirs

Across the Club Olympus table,

Zeus got him spread eagle

Made Ganymede head bartender

Zeus parded the hottest bender

In the sex sauna orgy

Hands claw gently, greedy.

His father got paid off with money

His son’s wealth made him happy

Ganymede got fame and fortune

Served booze to all the room

But Zeus’s polyamourous missus

Wanted Zeus to herself at Olympus

Didn’t like the competition

Wished he was a constellation

Not the God of the gays

One of their favourite lays.


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