Poems, I don’t count them

They’re like lovers,

I don’t notch them.

They exist in disparate places

Get lost for ages

Now Facebook is an archive

But there are those that dive

Duck from attention

Lost in a train station

Not worth remembering

Or can’t be arsed typing

Then there’s YouTube

Use me as your lube

Show me to your mates

Add me to your favourites

How do you remember poems?

I put it down to Catholic drones

Drilled to say my prayers

Having a mum who cares

For poetry, drama, expression

Taught me the Zen of repetition

Its my om, my mantra

How often does your ipod fail ya?

I mumble beneath my breathe

Work the ones I don’t know yet

I see the lines on the paper

I don’t consider it labour

It’s how I get my crust

I’m still on the cusp

Of exploring what’s inside me

It’s like reading my diary

What do you write about?

The questions people ask

I like to have a task

Used to write for a birthday card

The birthing of a bard

How do you start?

I catch a line

I don’t edit

Well just a bit

And then through performance

Unleash it on an audience.


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