Daughters of Eve

I wrote this poem for Daughters of Eve who campaign again Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Why’d they have to go and tear
My precious, my down there
I used to study it in the mirror
Now I can’t bear to look at her
Mummy tells me it’s traditional
Dad looks like he’s at my funeral
And it’s started itching, swelling
But I’m too scared of telling
In case the adults take me back
To the person who cut my crack
Never want to show it to anyone
Is that the reason why its done?
Dont dare to touch, I can’t come
And all when I had just begun
To discover the little pleasures
Of what every woman treasures
Mum says it’s where childhood ends
Been told not to tell my friends
They ask how was my holiday
A whole month in Kenya eh?
My teachers think I’m lucky
But I think they’ve noticed lately
I’m not chatty like I used to be
I can’t say what happened to me
The worst thing is I had no choice
They wouldn’t listen to my voice
Down by the cold dirty river
There the witch doctor cut a sliver
Every time I see a knife I quiver
And all the other local girls
They also lost part of there’s
The same knife used for all
And now I dont’ feel well at all
It’s six months, still I shiver
Will never go near a river
Seem to get sick all the time
Feels like this body is not mine


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