I decided to publish this poem I wrote a while ago because today Martin Mc Guinness called Claudy indefensible,

You know, the knowledge

That evokes your outrage

Turns tables of trust

Boils bile of disgust

For me, that was Claudy

It was a commonly held truth

Even among the youth

Taken for granted

As the bomb the priest planted,

Church and State colluded.

Before the bubble burst

I thought only terrorists cursed

And 11 years since realisation

It’s on the TV station

That the police ombudsman

Completed an enquiry

That doesn’t say why

Just it is what it is

No hypothesise

And I gain hope in stories

That congregations don’t find glories

In condemnation from the pulpit

Of homosexuals, and see fit

To walk, if priests talk bad of it.

That on meeting on a country lane,

An acquaintance of my parents

He expressed his pain, utter disdain,

At the game the church has been playing

And he’s not got much time for mass

I gain hope it’s loosening its clasp

And the very same night

Beyond Belief, a Radio Teilfis Eireann production

Discussing, the abolition,

Of the all male clergy – seriously!

And an elected Pope – no joke

That the lay person was standing, demanding

A say, in what we pay for, by the way.

Its absurd, take the bible’s word,

There’s more laws on wearing cotton with linen

Than whether I should sleep with women.

There was Hypatia

She lived in Alexandria

She was a master of the astrolabe,

Knew the shapes stars made

Taught men geometry

And along came Christianity

Skinned and burned her

Don’t like a learned girl

Whispering in the King’s ear

It’s the Bishop he’ll hear

And 2000 years later

We’re loosening the tether

But the Pope won’t accept me

I was in Rome when John Paul died

Going home on the plane ride

The guy next to me said Ratzinger

Was connected with a murder,

Body hung under, Vauxhall Bridge

He trampled the Liberation Theologian

Who dared to bemoan

The fate of the poor

Looked for a cure

In this life, fought strife

Tried to toss the cross

Create God’s Kingdom,

On Earth while we’re feeling.


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