Chocolate Slavery

My childhood rebellion

Was at the shops sneaking

Refreshers, chewits, a curly wurly

To my mother’s fury

All of this was banned

Our nutrition neatly planned

Mum campaigned, no sweets at checkouts

Our lunch box got no shout outs

Penguin bars only on Fridays

Chocolate if we were good on Sundays

The shops were a pass

If we were naughty at mass

And now I’m a sugar fiend

Ice- cream is my wet dream

They’ve got us hooked on sugar

That our bodies never should of

Learned how to process

The food chain is a mess.

Our kitchen had a yellowing poster

Telling us how much sugar

In our food, how companies

Are our bodies enemies

All brought to you by slavery.

Children in the cane fields

Nasty chemicals boosting yields

To bring westerns sweeties

And early on-set diabetics

Imagine a world with no exploitation

No cheap affordable Playstation

But maybe there’ld be time for hugs

Feeling fresh air in your lungs

Cause our luxury

Has a cost we see

The child sold into slavery

The capitalist barbarity

This worship of money

It’s worth more to be free


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