Bumped by Armstrong

A reluctant American hero dies

I’ve an early Sunday rise

One small sleep for woman

One giant sleep for womankind

My dad watched the landings

While working a summer at Butlin’s

In the cinema,in the dead of night

Armstrong landed the Apollo flight

The most famous man alive, now dead

And well sure, I needed an early bed

And time spent with family

Not another rising early

For two mins on radio or telly

No wonder Armstrong shunned publicity

It’s an auld nuisance really

They act like you’ve got no life

Like the media is your loyal wife

But you’re their mistress, not their whore

If you where they’ld pay you more

You get dropped last minute

For a more comely, timely tit bit

But when they call you must run

Dance to the beat of the media’s drum

But I want time spent with mum

It’s the news agenda, sorry

Man dies, or 9/11 anniversary

And now he’s dead, what do they say?

Why didn’t he spend more time on telly?

He had talent, he kept his cool,

Became a professor at a school

I’m sure he loved to be with family

And doesn’t regret shunning celebrity.


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