Breath Control

Cosy Christmas carriages,

Everyone’s on top of us

The mass migration

The Irish immigration

Ebb and flow on the tide

Packing out the boat ride

The rail and sail

The babies wail

The drunken twat

Going home like that.

I left England on the floor

Face stung in a slammed door

I’m back renewed

That old bone’s been chewed

Topped up on mummy’s hugs

Fresh air in my lungs

Rejuvenated, ready

To be extraordinary

I’m not one for half measures

Life is full of treasures

I won’t let it get me down

Those ones caught in a frown

Or the saccharine insecurities

Who smile sweetly in faces

Then stab in unseen places

Forget about the game theory

That shit makes you weary

And I’m feeling ready

To be the best I can be

No need to compete with me

Cause we fight ourselves

Santa needs the elves

We’ve all got our roles

But don’t get stuck in holes

Patterns of behaviour

Be your own saviour

You can’t change how others feel

Only how it is you deal

Control your breath

Don’t let it control you

Try and keep your cool

But recognise the pain

So you know when you’re happy again.


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