World Development Movement

I’m poet in residence at World Development Movement and my first offical duty is performing at the WDM AGM and activist conference, themed The People Vs The Banks

I’m writing a poem based on the WDM annual report, one about the banks and a ‘feedback’ poem in response to the whole conference with contributions from the attendees.

Here’s the info

WDM activist conference 2012

1pm-6pm, Saturday 23 June
University of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY

Despite the fallout from the financial crisis, banks and financial institutions still wield massive power in their own interests. This has serious implications for global democracy, our right to resources, and even extreme poverty and hunger in poor countries. How did we get here, and how do we get out? Join WDM and our guest speakers to discuss the movement for financial justice.

  • The People versus the Banks
  • Quiz the Guardian’s lead economics writer Aditya Chakrabortty on banking and the economy.
  • Participate in workshops on financial sector lobbying, tackling banks’ role in speculating on food prices, stopping the sell off of natural resources in the name of creating a ‘green economy’ and debt crises old and new.
  • Watch footage of Chile’s student-led revolt against neoliberalism with filmmaker Roberto Navarrete.
  • Join the discussion on co-operatives and global justice with Ed Mayo of Co-operatives UK and WDM’s Deborah Doane.
  • Learn creative campaigning skills with our activism team.
  • Browse radical books and campaign literature in our stalls area.
  • Hear from our performance poet-in-residence Catherine Brogan throughout the day!
Note for WDM members

WDM members should be aware that WDM’s Annual General Meeting will take place in the same venue from 10.30am to 12pm, more detail here.


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