Whippersnapper Press

I had such a blast performing at The Whippersnapper Press Launch . It was my first performance back in London since The People’s Mass in December and it was such a great one! The audience were so warm and friendly and geeky! I love geeks! The next event run by Whippersnapper is Geek Pride Day so look out for that.

Here’s the Whippersnapper blurb – A web-publishing site dedicated to fresh new writing from bright young things (or ‘Whippersnappers’). The emphasis is on short, taught, snappy and bratty writing. Be it prose, poetry, flash fiction, scripts – or even unidentifiable so long as it is still very, very good.

The Camden Head is a lovely venue and it was packed out! Proving you can do poetry on a Saturday night

It was hosted by the lovely Hannah, master mind behind Whippersnapper Press and feature

*Danni Antagonist

Hannah hosting*Adam Blampied

*Catherine Brogan
*Hannah Eiseman-Renyard
*Chris Farnell
*Anil Godimaguwe
*Mary Hamilton
*Grant Howitt
*Sir Horatio St John Jingo
*Fay Roberts
*Niall Spooner Harvey

Chris Farnell

I saw some great acts I had never heard of before like Norwich based writer and occasional performer, Chris Farnell, here’s his blog

Niall Spooner Harvey, who I haven’t seen in ages was on form with some great poems about internet dating and all the things in has to apologize to his wife for, really really brilliant!

There were some great open mic performances including Kyrill Potapov talking Russian culture clash, I found out he is teaching his year 9 class my poem, Cat Calls alongside Singfred Sasson and Wilfred Owen! i couldn’t believe it! He asked for my autograph! If you want to read a collection of my poetry on Northern Ireland this site has kindly published it.

Also loved Richard Allen whose comedy song poems about cheques in the post where a real treat and very different style.

Grant Howitt

Great performance from Grant Howitt in the form of a chose your own adventure game based on going for a night out and attempting to pull. The audience chose which scenario to go for and what items to pick up along the way. Great concept and great performance. It was his first time performing his own work and it was brilliant!


Sir Horatio St John Jingo

Sir Horatio St John Jingo was like nothing I have ever seen before, a fullyrealised character of an 18th century Imperial explorer ( globe fucker). Really took the audience by storm.


Great work form the Poetry Kapow ladies, Danni Antagonist and Fay Roberts too!

Saturday at 7:00pm – Sunday at 3:00am

The Camden Head Pub, NW1 0LU

100 Camden High Street, London, United Kingdom

Here’s the Facebook event


2 Responses to Whippersnapper Press

  1. Kyrill says:

    My name is on your website! How exciting is that?! I was recommended your poetry by a friend and then came to teach it so seeing you live was such an interesting and enjoyable experience. I genuinely enjoyed every performance of the night actually, a lovely jambalaya of voices; on stage and in crowd alike.

    • catbrogan says:

      thanks Kyrill, I was telling another poet just yesterday how i dont think my work should be read or studied in a class, how its to be heard in a live setting but it felt really amazing that you wanted to teach your class my poem! you made me think about the page before the stage

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