The People’s Mass

Facebook Event

Message or click attending for this guest list only event

Limelight Church 

136 Shaftesbury Ave, Soho
London, United Kingdom
Thursday, December 30 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm

The Dome in the Church/pub

The Oubliette have occupied an amazing old church former Walkabout pub. There’s loads of events going on. Catherine Brogan is treating you to 2hrs of poetry and music 8pm – 11pm, with possible open mic jam session in this DIY space in Soho, Central London.


Music from

True Ingredients – headed up by DJ, producer, Fenna Rhodes, this crew bring you a mash up of styles from hip hop to Dub, Jazz, Funk to get to moving!

Poetry Featuring

Dean Atta – The Gil Scott-Heron of His Generation’ Dean Atta Releases ‘Missing Piece’
A Free Spoken Word Album Download It Now!
Award-Winning Writer, Performer, Creative Director

Camila Fiori – An actress, writer and artist with experience working across the arts.

Captain of the Rant – “Watching Captain of the Rant perform is like observing a blistering-runaway-out of control-giant-spoken word juggernaut… blindingly brilliant brain sparking stuff that needs to be seen!” Daniel Cockrill, Bang Said The Gun

Pete the Temp – UK Hammer and Tongue Poetry Slam Champion 08 / 09! Explodes with energ and gets roudy celebrially,

Alain English – The Aberdeen Aspergers Angel brings humour and heart with his energetic performance

Carmina Masoliver – Dreamy, floatly, UEA uni.


Get in touch if you would like to perform or use the space until we get evicted mid Jan.


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