Barbican Shell

What an amazing day we had on Saturday! Thank you all for coming, you made it an amazing success – we had a great time here at The Shell and hope you did too!

It was such an awesome day, we´ve decided to do it every week until our eviction date, which is on 21st May.

So we´ve put our heads together about how we can make the day run even smoother, and how we can make it even more informative, enjoyable and accessible.

This Saturday 5th May we´re doing it all again, running some workshops for a second time due to popular demand, adding in the ones we didn´t have time to do last week, and also chucking in some brand new fresh ideas to keep you on your toes.

The day will start at 11am and last workshop will be at 6pm. We recommend you get there as early as possible to get in as much learning as you can! Donations cafe will run during the day with tea, coffee and cake and our bar will open at 6pm for you to get a drink and chill out to our evening entertainment. This week we will be raisng money to help pay for court fines dished out for unfair convictions after the Nov 30th protests. Ethical drinking – woo!

So far the workshop programme is pencilled in as follows:

11am – Laughter yoga: A great way to start your day! Get involved to feel energised, refreshed and renewed after last night´s hangover, and ready to have a fun-packed day of educational ecstasy!
12pm – How to use a sewing machine: Our resident fashion designer gives a masterclass on how to get the most out of your sewing machine – see what you can make out of our skipped fabric piles!

1pm – Life Drawing

1pm – Pickling and preserving foods: Find out how to make your skipped fruit and veg last forever! An introduction to the simplest methods of preserving food without a fridge or freezer and try your hand at making jam – take it home to wow your squatmates! Bring a jar if you can (with metal lid).

2pm – Flamenco: An upgrade on last week from performance to workshop. Learn how to strut your stuff with our professional flamenco dancers and bring your guitar to learn how to strum along to flamenco beats.

3pm – Poetry and performance: If you liked the incredibly talented slam poets we had in our evening show last week, you´ll love this workshop where you´ll learn how to create your own verses and spit them with style.

4pm – Bike maintenance: Our in-house expert takes your two-wheeled worries and sets them to rest. Find out what´s making that annoying squeaky noise, why you´re so slow compared to your cycling squatmates (it´s not you, it´s the bike, honestly!) and fix your pride and joy with confidence.

5pm – Yoga

5pm – Media training: Ever wondered how those bods on TV manage to come up with such eloquent and reasoned soundbytes? Start stuttering and stammering when faced with the press at protests and events but wish you could get your point of view across? Then this is the workshop for you.

6pm – Guided meditation: Let all the information you´ve been inundated with during the day settle into your mind holes with an hour of meditation and feel all set for an evening of entertainment and performance.

What a line-up! We´re already counting the minutes. The timetable is likely to jiggle around a little, so we´ll say it once more, come as early as you can to make sure you don´t miss out on the action!

As last week, we have our ongoing community art project, there´s still lots of bits that need to be coloured in, and our photo exhibition in the main space. Thanks to everyone who contributed to our interactive language board last week – this week have a go at interactive pictionary – does your squamily ´get´ your artistic talent?

So tell your friends, share on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, and get yer arse down.


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