Poetry Olympics – Word Games

July 2012 is not all about running and jumping, join Word Games instead as the Poetry Olympics takes over Theatre Delicatessen . 

Tue 17th July – 7.30pm – 35 marylebone high street, london, W1U 4QA

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Hosted by BBC Edinburgh Poetry Slam Champion Catherine Brogan, Poets from across the world will be put through their paces. Over three rounds top class tongue talent will battle it out to win Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Poetry Olympics.

Using the same dodgy nationality rules which helped Ireland get a place in the World Cup, if you have a grandparent from the country you can represent it.

We’ve already got high profile poets, including Trudy Howson, who’s poem is being used by the BBC in the run up to the Olympics. We have bonified Poetry Champions from Singapore, Sweden and France as well as Bridget Minamore representing Ghana, Ingrid Andrew – Australia and Sabrina Mahfouz has not yet declared if she’ll represent Guyana, Denmark, Egypt or Wales.

Expect Olympic style score cards, score boards, podiums and pomp, without the corporate BS in this beautifully transformed former BBC office building in Central London, home to the fabulous Theatre Delicatessen.

If you would like to enter or nominate someone else please email catbroganpoet@gmail.com with a biog and the country you wish to represent. You can take a chance and show up on the day too, we might have drops outs due to injury or failure to pass drugs tests.


Rules of the Game

Qualifiers  – Everyone does a 3 min poem, it must be there own work. Props are allowed, national dress/ team jersy is encouraged.

Semi Final – The top six competitors will go each have 3 mins

Final – The top 3 will compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze

Word Athletes

Young Dawkins
Anthony Fairweather
Alain English
Michael Wilson
Matt Cummins
José Anjos – Portugal

Esther Poyer – Guyana

Arjunan Manuelpillai Sri Lanka.

Ingrid Andrew  Australia

Rebecca Fkjrghvmhgvkughkhjbv Colombia! x

Sabrina Mahfouz Egypt

Oskar Hanska Sweden

Trudy Howson England

Mark Tindle Scotland.

Mel Jones Wales

Anthony Anaxagorou  Cyprus! 🙂

Stephanie Dogfoot Singapore

Dareka Daremo France

Chuquai BillyAmerican-Indian.

Rose Drew USA

David Lee Morgan USA

Rehan Qayoom India.

Sophia Walker Malaysia

Habiba Hrida ?

Ant Smith – Ireland

Lydia Beardmore – Germany


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