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I’m making one. I want to find a way to create a spoken word album. Please reccomend poets you think have done this successfully.

I am trying to find artists/ sound engineers / musicians / beat makers etc  to collaberate with to create music tracks to work into an album of poetry.

I’m looking for soundscapes to go with my poems and interesting places to record them to give it atmosphere.

I want to work with filmmakers to make poetry and music videos together.

I also need people to listen to what I’m working on it and tell me what they think and how I can make it better.

We’ld work out some kind of mutually agreeable compensation for collaberation.

I’m also interested in releasing the album in an interesting format that uses new technologies,  poetry album app for example, if you’re a tech head, I love and need you!


2 Responses to What’s Cat at?

  1. catbrogan says:

    Please update here with your – Updates – Projects – Collaberations – Ideas – Oppertunities – Issues
    And ways that you would like to collaborate to bring about the poetry revolution!

  2. ravensheadpress says:

    Something like Anne Clark? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Khx9P4LiGM

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