Poetry Hitch Pess Release

Is hitch-hiking dead? Is poetry dead? At a time of great social disconnectedness – and very little cash – performance poet Catherine Brogan tries to find out. She’s hitching to four performances in four days, taking with her, two hitch-hiking novices – to document the journey.  Web episodes will be uploaded from the road with people encouraged to share their stories of hitching and poetry.

The Plan
To hitch from London to Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cumnock and back.
4 days, 4 gigs, 939 miles

To film the journey, the poetry events and the poetry scene in each city. Giving a flavour of what it’s like to be a hitch-hiker, joining in on all the highs and lows of this low impact, low cost form of transport. The film makers, Owen Baker and Khanseng Mein, both love poetry and have made a number of films with poems and poets and they run http://poetryandfilm.wordpress.com/ . The project combines their passions for poetry, travel and film.

To share each episode in as near to real time as possible, as often as possible during the hitch. A web-episode from the road will go up on Catherine’s website, http://www.catherinebrogan.com in the poetry hitch section. You can find out how far she’s got, if she’ll make the show and get a taste of what the poetry scene is like in the three cities she visits.
To record poets, poetry events and audiences in different cities.
You can also follow the journey on Catherine’s Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.
To explore the power of poetry and hitching to connect people.



About catbrogan

Poet, spoken word artist
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