Poetry Hitch Begins.

Poetry Hitch will give a flavour of what it’s like to be a hitch-hiker, joining in on all the highs and lows of this low impact, low cost form of transport. How can the arts and poetry survive in these uncertain economic time?

Our solution is – do it on the cheap.
As well as the documentary going out ‘as live as possible’, there will be a short film produced at the end and the crew hope this will be the first of many Poetry Hitches.

Keep track of the Journey Here and via PoetryHitch on Youtube or Via PoetryandFilm


About catbrogan

Poet, spoken word artist
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5 Responses to Poetry Hitch Begins.

  1. Right young lady. I think between us we can prove poetry and hitching are both well and truly alive.
    I would like to challenge you to a Lands End to John ‘o’ Groats poetry hitching race.
    Stop offs and possible joint performances would obviously have to be researched.

    What do you say – Woman V Man, Poet V Poet, Hitcher V Hitcher.
    What sayeth….?

  2. Or LE 2 GoG and back, straight race to top then poetry play on way back. Sorry, i get carried away. But makes it even more of a challenge .

  3. g eccles says:

    Sounds great, i shall track your hitching progress.
    May catch you live in August in Edinburgh.
    I have always had a wierd dream of doing Canada-Chile one day, one day…..

  4. graham eccles says:

    thats it. you’ve got me thinking silly now.
    Having seen how great your idea panned out, I have decided to hitch to the Fringe with a Penny Farthing from Cornwall. Fun times. Don’t see any later postings of the last days, hope they’re up soon.

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